At Attentive Media, we try to take a common-sense approach to business. We want our customers to feel confident in their decision to work with us, and to understand how we do things. By being on the same page as our clients we find that projects run much more smoothly, and within expectation.

We understand that time and money matters.

As all communications outside the initial consultation are considered billable, customers are encouraged to come prepared for meetings, and to keep communications brief and directed. This helps us to maximise time spent completing your requests in the agreed upon timeline.

Clear communication saves everyone time.

When submitting requests for work or a dreaded bug report, please provide as much detail as possible. Information such as: examples, URLs, and/or software used, will greatly help in speeding up communications and can better ensure solutions accurately reflect needs.

The phrase “get it in writing” came about for a reason.

Requests and clarification of scope items must be submitted in writing. Discussions can always be conducted in person or by phone, but the details will still need to be transferred in written format. This helps ensure things are clearly defined, and eliminates any possible confusion.

A deposit shows your commitment, our attention to your needs shows ours.

All projects require a deposit before work will commence, which will be determined based on the project requirements. This helps ensures that we capture only serious clients, and that we focus our efforts and time on providing services to those ready to proceed.

It is nearly impossible to hit a moving target.

We try to give clients priority based on their project timelines. It is appreciated that clients understand this, and if additions are required to their projects outside the discussed scope, that it will be added to the schedule accordingly. Adding work changes timelines, and this approach helps ensure we can meet our client’s expectations.

Copyright and Intellectual Property rights matter to us.

We do not release development files, only final end solutions. The theme files are yours to keep, but the working files will be retained by Attentive Media under intellectual property rights law. We do our best to ensure you know is what, but it is up to you to be familiar with the licensing involved in the solutions we provide.

We love to collaborate to bring bigger projects to light.

Some projects may require collaborative efforts to meet requirements if they are sufficiently demanding of time. This will always be clearly communicated with our customers, so everyone knows who is involved. If preferred, we are happy to act as project manager, facilitating communication between our customers and the team.

If you have any questions about our services or terms, we can be reached by email through our contact form, or general mail at:

315-30 Cavan St
Nanaimo, BC
V9R 6K3