The best projects are the ones that are well panned. Clients benefit greatly by knowing where the project sits in the process, and development runs more smoothly with focused attention for each step. Most projects fall into a category that lends itself to our standard process, but we are flexible and can rapidly develop a custom process on the fly.

Image for step 1 in the process: Consultation with Clients

Step 1: The Consultation

It all starts here. The consultation lets us talk with the client about their project goals, and determine what avenues are available for the given timeline and budget. Clients are asked to come prepared with a "big picture" idea in mind, so that we can also get an idea of where you want to be if the timeline and budget doesn't currently support everything. Its always better to plan for something in advance, than to try and wedge it in to the site later in the process.

Image for step 2 in the process: Information Architecture development

Step 2: IA Development

During this step of the process we work with the client to determine the types of content the website will serve, and how it will be structured. Think in terms of the story you want to tell your visitors as they navigate through the site, and how the sitemap should look from a hierarchical perspective. As the information in the website is the most crucial aspect, so too should be its architecture.

Image for step 3 in the process: user interface planning

Step 3: UI Planning

Building a user interface that is aesthetically pleasing and functional requires a clear plan. Using wire-frame mock-ups to visualize an interface without distraction of the design, we iterate through multiple layouts with our clients to determine which works best. Clients are encouraged to think about the functional aspects of how content will be served. From interactive elements to animation effects, understanding how the site should respond will be necessary for the next step.

Image for step 4 in the process: designing a website

Step 4: Design & Development

Customers can expect this step of the process to take the longest, as we work to bring the plan to life. Meetings to review the project status, and to provide feedback, are scheduled regularly. This allows us to remain focused on the work at hand, while maximising our time for development. Clients are encouraged to retain all new feature requests for a follow up project, as introductions during this step often causes undesirable delays, unexpected overages, and missed timelines.

Image for step 5 in the process: applying final settings

Step 5: Apply Final Settings

Once the work has been approved, its just a matter of applying the final settings, and moving the website off our development servers, and into its final home. At this step in the process we review all the deliverables to ensure completion to client satisfaction.

Image for step 6 in the process: taking the site live

Step 6: Take it Live

Now that the project is complete, the final step in the process is to open the website to the world. During this step, we put full focus on ensuring a smooth site-live process, and work closely with the client to make you feel confident with the most exciting part of the project.

Outside of the development process we include regular follow-ups with our customers to ensure everything is going well. Being as passionate as we are, ensuring you have a product you are proud of is important to us. If this sounds like the kind of team you just cannot work without, then please consider us for your next project.

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