This is a rework of the default TwentySeveteen theme. The main content layout has been adjusted to follow a more standard pattern, and additional controls theme customizer controls have been added.

Release History


Release Date - June 4, 2017
  • Add functionality to change where the featured image is displayed
  • Add The Events Calendar template files
  • Add styles for new template files to make event info fit the theme
  • Add footer menu
  • Add fancy style for social icons
  • Add style option to use custom social icons
  • Add controls to upload custom icons
  • Add cropped image functionality to WP Customizer features
  • Update social url fields to be url inputs
  • Update theme description info
  • Update installation methods
  • Bug fix: resolve issue with social link icon-only hover


Release Date - May 21, 2017
  • Add functionality to alter right footer content
  • Add file for GitHub
  • Add support for social media style picker
  • Add icon-only style option for social media icons
  • Update readme details
  • Apply general code formatting adjustments
  • Bug fix: resolve error in GitHub Updater slug
  • Bug fix: resolve issue with featured image not displaying on content pages


Release Date - May 12, 2017
  • Resolve issue with calendar CTA not displaying


Release Date - May 12, 2017
  • Add missing feature support for SVG logos (requires plugin to complete support)
  • Add controls to adjust the width of the logo
  • Remove excessive padding at bottom of content


Release Date - May 7, 2017

This release is a fairly major rewrite of the code base. The intent was to make changes easier to apply, and updates easier to obtain, while preserving most of the original functionality. Be aware that some of the original functionality of the parent theme has been restored, such as the footer social icons, but enhancements have been made to make better use of them.

If updating to this release, a full replacement will be required as the base name has been made more general. Once installed and activated, install the GitHub Updater plugin to obtain updates from the WordPress admin console (rather than going through this hullaballoo again).

  • Integrate TGM Plugin Activation scripts to recommend and require plugins
  • Add support GitHub Updater to integrate with the WordPress updates tool
  • Add theme styles to TinyMCE editor
  • Add theme customizer support functionality for rapid development
  • Add theme customizer controls:
    • for managing social media links
    • to change the logo position
    • to show/hide the site title and tagline, respectively
  • Add support for rapid development:
    • theme customizer defined styles
    • social link output
  • Restore default theme social media link display format
  • Refactor code for increased modularity
  • Resolve page title and sidebar placement inconsistencies
  • Restructure events CTA with The Events Calendar support
  • Restructure repository to allow for easier installation
  • Generalize the theme name and components


Release Date - April 6, 2017

This release introduces plugin recommendations, improves the calendar CTA's display functionality and required page feedback, and removes a number of features in favour of recommended plugins.


Release Date - March 13, 2017

This release includes common, recommended .htaccess security patches. These are automatically applied when switching to the theme, but can be adjusted from the functions.php file prior to activating, if necessary.


Release Date - March 12, 2017

This is the initial release of the NDGC theme (TwentySeventeen Child). It removes comments from pages, adjusts the general layout and column sizes, adds an event calendar CTA shortcode, replaces the heading text with the NDGC logo, and more.