A child theme for the Beans Theme Framework. This theme provides a wide range of functionality for adjusting the adjusting the layout, colours, and typography:

  • Site Identity
    • Add Custom Logo
    • Add footer copyright text
  • Structure and Typography Color
  • Typography Size and Line Height
  • Structure Padding
  • Social Navigation Links
  • Header Image
  • Top, Primary, Footer Navigation
  • Footer Widgets
  • Move top bar and primary navigation

Release History


Release Date - June 5, 2017

Update starter content styles Bug fix: separate mobile and top menu colour controls


Release Date - June 5, 2017
  • Add post format theme support
  • Add home page to starter content posts
  • Add social urls to starter content
  • Update navigation starter content to relocate blog link
  • Update starter content and customizer styles to provide a more appealing presentation
  • Update version numbering to bring inline with standards
  • Resolve display issues and tighten up main navigation styles


Release Date - May 19, 2017
  • Add GitHub Updater support
  • Update version number
  • Update readme details to include installation instructions
  • Adjust defaults styles

Important: With this release comes the ability to update the theme form the WordPress backend. To enable this, download and install the afragen/github-updater plugin. This provides the necessary functionality to obtain and install updates.


Release Date - May 5, 2017

This release brings a major rewrite to the theme code, including performance improvements, new features, and a cleaner code structure.

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