3 Reasons to Colour by Numbers

Attentive Media/ June 16, 2017/ Design/ 0 comments

Colour is a wonderful, and sometimes confusing thing. Do you remember those paint-by-numbers kits you did when you were a kid? You know, the ones that came with a set of paint and told you exactly what colour should go where. Such a brilliant concept for helping people learn some basics, while creating a beautiful piece of art. Could you

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Performance Optimization Tips and Tricks

Attentive Media/ May 16, 2017/ Website Performance/ 0 comments

Does your content-rich website have the performance to hold your traffic’s attention? As demand on our time grows, we as website consumers often want the metaphorical “quick run in for a few things”. If your website can’t meet the time constraints of the modern surfer, then they will go elsewhere and you will miss out.

Welcome to Attentive Media

Attentive Media/ April 3, 2017/ News/ 0 comments

We at Attentive Media would like to welcome you to our newly minted website! Here you will find details on the services we provide, how we go about things, and more. This blog will contain articles directly relating to the solutions we provide, and we’re always open to suggestion. If you have an idea for an article then drop us a message.

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